Retail Group Investment, LLC is an authorized retailer for Cricket Wireless. We are a wireless retailer with HQ based in Suwanee, GA USA that was established in 2007 as a single store that has grown tremendously over the years. We were among the early pioneers in cell phones, cell service and phone accessories. One store after another, and year upon year of sales experience have allowed us to craft our own brand of excellent customer service and professionalism. We have made durability, style, and top-notch customer service our top priority. We have been providing our customers with up-to-date and excellent quality of service for over a decade. We strive to provide products that keep up with changing trends and creating unique styles for everyone. We are passionate about everything we do from our product innovation to the relationships we have with our customers at Over the years, we have worked with a brand that our customers know will deliver a reliable products and services. Our passion is through our customer relationships because we fully understand that when our customers are happy, we are happy as well. We look forward to creating partnerships and providing products and services that our customers will love. Our goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied in hopes of creating lifelong relationships.